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Cosmetic Product

Cosmetic Tolling Services

Accepting cosmetic tolling services for products such as perfume, deodorant and other cosmetic products. The manufacturing process uses materials according to the composition and requests from the customer or client, and we will do it according to existing procedures, starting from:
1. product consultation,
2. make example or product samples before large production,
3. we also help take care of registration for distribution permits,
4. then production will begin when samples and distribution permits are ready, and
5. finally, product delivery can be sent directly to the outlet or to the place where the product is marketed.

Low-Cost Cosmetic Tolling Factory

Estee Gold Feet cosmetic tolling factory, accepts tolling services for cosmetics with manufacturing procedures according to SOP standards and safe, official BPOM tolling factories. We will do trials and test every material used before production is carried out so that its safety can be guaranteed and maintained, which is carried out by professional and experienced staff.

For the price of low-cost cosmetic tolling, quality can be guaranteed, cosmetic tolling services in circulation already have official BPOM permits so they are safe for distribution.

Cosmetic Tolling Price

The cosmetic toll prices that we offer are quite friendly and comparable to the quality you get. There is no need to incur additional costs and burdens for the production process, maintenance, and human resources. The price of cosmetic tolls is low-cost but not cheap, brands and products are the property of the customer or client. The price you get usually depends on the number of orders.

Cosmetic Tolling Factory

Our cosmetic tolling factory has obtained official BPOM permits and our factory is safe and official, so it is ready to be made a partner in working with your company for tolling services. Our tolling factory is equipped with sophisticated machines and equipment and is controlled by experts, so that the production results can be according to demand and as expected.