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Low-Cost Aerosol Filling Services

Low-cost aerosol filling services can be a solution for those of you who want to start a small-scale cosmetic and cleaning product business. However, how do these services work? Check out the discussion below.

Overview of low-cost aerosol filling services

Aerosol filling services are services from companies or individuals that provide aerosol filling. This service is mostly needed for a person or company engaged in cosmetics, PKRT (household health products), and auto chemical or automotive chemicals.

This aerosol filling service makes it easy for you to produce aerosol-based products, both on a small and large scale. 


Why using low-cost aerosol filling service?

Low-cost is the main consideration for aspiring small-scale cosmetic and cleaning product entrepreneurs. Cost considerations also affect the amount of production. What's more, you want to try this venture the first time. 

Even so, several vendors provide low-cost and quality aerosol filling services. You need to dig up further information on which vendors that have worked with brand that have big names 

For example, Estee Gold, a cosmetic and chemical company based in North Jakarta, DKI Jakarta. Estee Gold has worked with Mandom, Lion Wings and Makarizo. 

What services are available for aerosol filling services?

At Estee Gold, you will get services for making deodorant, eau de toilette, eau de perfume, eau de cologne, lotion, body perfume, spray perfume (spray perfume), and products for hair styling

In addition, Estee Gold also produces PKRT products such as disinfectants, antiseptic helmets and jackets, air fresheners, car fresheners, and hand sanitizer

In addition, Estee Gold also produces chemical products for cars and motorbikes. For example carburetor cleaner, chain lube, penetrating oil, brake cleaner, brake part cleaner, lighter gas, belt grip, grease spray, spray paint, even silicone spray

How low-cost aerosol filling services work

For those of you who want to start a business in the field of perfume products, body care, hair care, and the like, you can follow the service procedures from Estee Gold. 

First, you can do a product consultation along with the details needed. After delivering brief, you will get a sample packaging of the product formulation trial sample. At that stage, you can customize the product either in terms of quantity or formulation. 

Then, you will be assisted by Estee Gold in the registration process to obtain a distribution permit. Once approved by the authorities, Estee Gold will manufacture the product until it is shipped to your location. 

Product delivery can also be directed by Estee Gold to stores or outlet for that product 

So that's how the low-cost aerosol filling service from Estee Gold works. Want your first product consultation? You can contact us through the contacts provided.