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Cosmetic tolling services can make it easier. As the beauty industry grows, you can contribute in growing brand for local cosmetic. A low-cost tolling factory can help those of you who want to get started. 

But, how do you choose a low-cost and high-quality tolling factory? Let's try these 5 tips for choosing a low-cost tolling factory!

Overview of the tolling factory 

You may often hear the word "maklon", but what does it mean? Tolling is a manufacturing activity carried out by a company or factory at the request of a client. Another term is "maklun" or "makloon". Both of these words are borrowed words from Dutch, meaning is manufacturing fee or production fee 

Large-scale production from this tolling factory is usually carried out by clients who want to start a business in the field of cosmetics and various beauty products. For example products like make up, skincare, bodycare, even hairstyling

So, this tolling factory is your facilitator. If you want to develop brand for beauty product, you don't have to build your own laboratory. This is because the tolling factory is an expert in preparing ingredients and cosmetic ingredients. 

Tolling factory production scale

In terms of production scale, there are several toll manufacturing factories that mass produce products in small quantities. For example 1,000 pcs. Of these, there are tolling factories that offer low prices. Starting from IDR 20 million to IDR 30 million for the production of goods. 

Therefore, a low-cost tolling factory can be considered. One of them is Estee Gold. Estee Gold has produced various cosmetic products, household health products (PKRT), and chemical products for automotive. 

Estee Gold also works with Mandom, Lion Wings, Acosta Superfood, Makarizo, Ikapharmindo Putramas, PT Lautan Luas TBK and Mega Cools. 

Tips for choosing a low-cost tolling factory

Of the many low-cost tolling factories, you still need to consider the following so that the products issued are safe, of good quality, and are halal-certified. What are the tips? 

  1. Choose a small order quantity

With the facility of ordering from a small amount, you can do a trial run as well as check the market. For example 1,000 pcs. It can be said that this facility is suitable for those of you who like to do business and experiment in the world of cosmetics. 

When you have found a loyal target market, you can ask the low-cost tolling factory to return to producing double the amount of goods. 

  1. Choose a factory that prioritizes hygiene

A clean, tidy, and guaranteed low-cost tolling factory is actually an attraction. Cosmetics and skin care products must be sterile, therefore workers must wear gloves, masks and head coverings. You can ask further questions to the manufacturer regarding this. 

  1. Make sure they have a halal registration service and BPOM

So that brand for cosmetics and skin care are trusted by the public, these products must have legality. Both in terms of halal from the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) and standardization from the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM). 

Besides that, you also need to protect brand copyright to IPR. In conclusion, so that you can get these services, make sure the tolling factory can help with halal registration with MUI, product registration with BPOM, and copyright protection with IPR. 

  1. Check consulting services

Through the site of a low-cost tolling factory, you can judge the quality of customer service (CS). Check in terms of response and information provided. If the response is fast, the information is complete, plus the CS is friendly and helpful, the chances of working together will be higher. 

With friendly and informative service, you won't hesitate to ask for details. For example the price of tolling services, differences in quality in terms of price, clients who have worked together, and so on. 

Sst, a friendly and helpful consulting service is also one of the markers of the company's reputation, you know. 

  1. Make sure the production price is as needed

Lastly, is the matter of budget. Make sure the price of production according to your needs. If you are just starting a cosmetic product business and skincare, start from affordable prices, according to financial capabilities, and produced on a small scale. 

So when you are still in the period of experimenting or trying your luck, you don't worry when the product doesn't live up to your expectations.